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  IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MALE SINGERS: In order to align with original sheet music and songs for female singers, the range of all songs for male singers are expressed one octave above normal. So if your range is between G2 and F4, you should input G3 and F5 in the search below. If not clear, ask your vocal coach for help.


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 Daft Punk  Songs: 1
 Daniel Powter  Songs: 1
 Dappy  Songs: 1
 David Bowie  Songs: 9
 David Gray  Songs: 2
 David Guetta  Songs: 9
 David Guetta + Sia  Songs: 1
 David Guetta feat. Anne-Marie  Songs: 1
 David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber  Songs: 1
 David Guetta feat. Rihanna  Songs: 1
 Daya  Songs: 1
 Dean Lewis  Songs: 1
 Deep Blue Something  Songs: 1
 Demi Lovato  Songs: 23
 Depeche Mode  Songs: 1
 Diana Krall  Songs: 3
 Dido  Songs: 1
 Disclosure  Songs: 1
 DJ Snake  Songs: 1
 DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber  Songs: 1
 DNCE  Songs: 1
 Doja Cat  Songs: 1
 Dolly Parton  Songs: 1
 Don Henley  Songs: 1
 Dotan  Songs: 1
 Drake  Songs: 4
 Drake feat. WizKid & Kyla  Songs: 1
 Drake White  Songs: 1
 Dua Lipa  Songs: 7
 Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby  Songs: 1
 Duffy  Songs: 1

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